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New York City
School District
Bronx CSD 7
Grade Span
5-6 for 2019-20/ 5-8 at End of Charter Term
184 for 2019-20/ 496 at End of Charter Term
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University Prep Charter Middle School
Grade Span: 5-6
470 Jackson Avenue
Bronx, NY 10455
Contact: David Patterson
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Application Resolution 10/04/2018View

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The University Prep Charter Middle School has as its mission to prepare students for success in high school, college, leadership and life. Ensuring growth in all three areas is our professional commitment and privilege. UPCMS (or “the School”) achieves this mission by creating small, college-preparatory learning communities where all stakeholders (administrators, teachers, parents, students and community) actively engage in the education process. We create a student-centered environment that unifies the efforts of family, community and school to foster life-long learning, cross-cultural competency, social responsibility and academic excellence. The underlying belief at UPCMS is that all students can go to college and that their preparation is our professional responsibility and moral obligation.