School Profile

Finger Lakes
School District
Rochester City School District
Grade Span
7-12 for 2019-20 / 7-12 at End of Charter Term
450 for 2019-20 / 450 at End of Charter Term

Locations & Contacts

University Preparatory Charter School for Young Men
Grade Span: 9-12
1290 Lake Avenue
Rochester, NY 14613
Contact: Edward Cavalier, Principal
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The mission of the University Preparatory Charter School for Young Men is to establish a culture that celebrates diversity and where all boys thrive academically and holistically. University Prep develops this culture through small classes, student empowerment, personalized attention from teachers and school staff, and a consistent focus on successful instructional outcomes. University Prep provides opportunities and experiences that balance the academic, social, physical, and creative development of young men. Consistent emphasis is placed on preparation for life after high school, a 100% graduation rate, and all students being college or work place ready.