Kathryn Connell-Espinosa Appointed Interim Executive Director

A statement from SUNY Trustee Joseph W. Belluck on the appointment of Kathryn Connell-Espinosa as Interim Executive Director, effective August 4. 

On August 3, Susie Miller Carello will conclude a successful career as Executive Director of the SUNY Charter Schools Institute (the Institute). For nearly 12 years, Susie has led SUNY’s efforts to establish and foster charter schools committed to ensuring strong academic outcomes for the students and families we serve. This includes improving student learning and achievement, with a special focus on expanded learning experiences for students who are at risk of academic failure. We wish Susie all the best in her endeavors.

To ensure a smooth transition as we conduct the search for the SUNY Charter Schools Institute’s next Executive Director, I am pleased to announce that effective Thursday, August 4, Kathryn Connell-Espinosa will take on the role of Interim Executive Director of the Institute. Ms. Connell-Espinosa’s role and responsibilities have expanded throughout her 9-year span at the Charter Schools Institute as she has advanced from Administrative Analyst to Director of Leadership Team Operations to Chief of Staff, and we have every confidence in her commitment to continuing the critical work of the Institute. As with other interim appointments at SUNY System, Ms. Connell-Espinosa will not be applying for the position, but we highly anticipate seeing the application of her experience and capabilities during her service.

Thank you.

Joseph W. Belluck
The State University of New York