New charter school in Mount Vernon will be the first in a decade in Lower Hudson

Kenyah Miller, a lifelong Queens resident, had decided she would create a new charter school in a community that needed one.

And she would move her growing family to that community while taking on the project.

A committed proponent of charter school education, she set her sights on Mount Vernon.

“Mount Vernon was a place I could identify with,” she said. “I had friends and extended family there. It had to be a community where (a charter school) made sense, and a community that wanted it.”

Miller’s charter school, Intellectus Preparatory Charter School, was approved by the SUNY Board of Trustees last June and is scheduled to open in her new hometown of Mount Vernon this fall. The school will open with about 112 students in grades six and seven and will add a grade each year until it includes a full high school.

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