Proposals Submitted in Response to the 2019 RFP Round 2 — Spring Cycle (Outside NYC)

The State University of New York Board of Trustees (“SUNY Trustees”), in its capacity as a charter authorizer, has received proposals in response to the 2019 SUNY Request for Proposals Round 2 — Spring Cycle (Outside NYC).  This round is only open to applicant groups seeking to start a charter school outside of New York City.  The deadline for this round of applications was February 25, 2019.  The public list only indicates receipt of a proposal.  Inclusion in the list does not indicate that the SUNY Trustees have approved or will approve the proposed new school. 

All information listed was reported by applicants at the time of submission and is subject to change based on further information.  Publicly available copies of the proposals are posted on this webpage.

 Click here to view the public list.