SUNY Announces Second Summer 2014 RFP Cycle

The SUNY Charter Schools Institute (“Institute”), on behalf of the SUNY Board of Trustees, is pleased to announce a second opportunity to submit a proposal to open new charter schools in New York City in response to the January 2014 Request for Proposals (“RFP”). The January 2014 RFP provided one opportunity to submit proposals (the “Spring Cycle”, which concludes in early June) and reserved the right of the Institute to issue a second call for proposals (the “Summer Cycle”). The Institute is now issuing a call for 2014 Summer Cycle applications in New York City.

Please note that the Summer Cycle is limited to applicants intending to locate in New York City. Due to the limited timeframe New York City applicants have to qualify for facility funding, coupled with the overall volume of charter oversight duties facing SUNY in 2014, this second round is limited to those applicants seeking to open a school in New York City in the fall of 2015. All other applicants are encouraged to watch the Institute website for an anticipated January 2015 RFP release and prepare proposals to submit to the Institute in 2015 to open charter schools in fall of 2016.

Note that the 2010 Amendments to the New York Charter Schools Act limit the number of charters SUNY may issue through the RFP process, and further limited the number that SUNY may issue in New York City. At this time, SUNY holds approximately 12 charters that may be issued in New York City through the RFP process. Accordingly, the Summer Cycle of the January 2014 RFP may be the last opportunity for applicants to submit proposals to SUNY to open charter schools in New York City.

Summer Cycle applicants should regularly check this page for further information and updates. The Institute anticipates posting additional Summer Cycle guidance in early June.