‘More Great Seats for Kids’ Newsletter: Reflecting on Renewal

Dear School Leader,

Yesterday marked a pandemic milestone for SUNY charters with the SUNY Charter Schools Committee voting to renew six additional schools, putting a cap on a renewal season unlike any we have ever experienced. March 10, 2020 was the last time the Charter Schools Committee met in person. A year later? Thirty-one renewals accomplished. I know it’s a truth that charter leaders only read the renewal reports for THEIR schools (because you have children to teach!), but a read through this year’s renewal reports provides a litany of how great schools respond in a pandemic.  Thousands of hours getting out devices, learning kits, books, food and supports to whole communities. Setting up testing opportunities. Transitioning from remote, to hybrid…to remote…to hybrid.  If you did watch the Committee meeting yesterday, you saw just how moved the Trustees and the Institute team are by all you have done, all you keep doing, to change lives for the good.