Achievement First Aspire Charter School

Districts: Brooklyn CSD 19, Brooklyn CSD 32

Final Notice – The following charter renewal has been approved by operation of law.

  • Achievement First Aspire Charter School is located at 982 Hegeman , Brooklyn, NY 11208, 970 Vermont St., Brooklyn, NY 11207, and 600 Central Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11207 and is chartered to serve 944 students in grades K-9. The school sought a two year renewal of the charter commencing August 1, 2023 to align its charter with other schools under the education corporation.  The school will expand to serve 1,086 students in grades K-11.  The SUNY Trustees: 1) received the renewal application on or about August 15, 2022; 2) approved the renewal on December 15, 2022; and 3) the renewal was approved by operation of law on or about May 3, 2023.