NYS Stimulus Funds (SSF) Grant


The SUNY Charter Schools Institute, acting for the SUNY Board of Trustees, is authorized to accept proposals for grants connected with charter schools that focus on facility construction, renovation, financing, leasehold improvements, and other facility related expenses. The deadline to apply is May 12, 2023 at 3pm eastern.


Charter Schools Stimulus Fund (“SSF”) grants in the amount of approximately $1.3 million, which includes carryover from previous year(s), as approved by the State Director of the Budget, are available to the SUNY Trustees to award to eligible charter applicants regardless of authorizer.

The only charters eligible to apply are ones whose facilities are owned by their education corporations, seek to purchase facilities, or have a signed lease for facilities for at least three (3) years from the end of the grant period and for which the New York City Department of Education does not provide colocation or rental assistance for any of an education corporation’s charter school sites. See the Request for Proposal for complete eligibility requirements.  Note that Charter schools that have previously received $350,000 or more are ineligible.