ESSER III Federal Funds

As of early June 2024, many charter schools in New York state have not spent or obligated significant amounts of ESSER III (American Recovery Act) federal funds.  The deadline for obligating or expending these funds is September 30, 2024.  Failure to do so will result in the state of New York having to repay unspent funds to the US Department of Education.

To assist schools in spending all available ESSER III funds, the SUNY Charter Schools Institute hosted multiple working sessions in June 2024 for charter schools, regardless of authorizer, to provide guidance on spending and obligated the federal funds prior to the deadline.

The webinars and materials for each session may be accessed at the following links:


Contact Information for Presenters

Dilek Ulukaya-Ak, Director of Finance, SUNY Charter Schools Institute: [email protected]
Erika Meaker, Director, ESSA-Funded Programs, NYSED: [email protected]
Gretchen Liga, Director of Development Services, CSBM: [email protected]
Karen Daniels, President & COO, CSBM: [email protected]
Jim Ford, Principal, Ford Research & Solutions, Inc.: [email protected]