Uptown Arts and Science Charter School

First Notice – SUNY has received a new charter school application.

Proposed LocationProposed School NameGrades Year 1Grades Year 5Enrollment Year 1Enrollment Year 5Planned Opening DateName of Applicant(s)Public Contact InformationCMO / Partner Org
New York City Community School District (“CSD”) 8Uptown Arts and Science Charter School99-12100400September 2025Turan Balik and Dr. Nihat GuvercinTuran Balik
[email protected]
iLearn Schools, Inc.

The SUNY Trustees, or their designees, the SUNY Charter Schools Committee, anticipate consideration of this request as soon as July 9, 2024.  The Institute welcomes any comments you may wish to provide.  Please direct any comments or questions to [email protected] with the subject line “Uptown Arts and Science Charter School New Charter School Application.”