SUNY Releases Draft 2016 RFP for Public Comment

The SUNY Charter Schools Institute, on behalf of the SUNY Board of Trustees, is pleased to announce the release of the Draft January 2016 SUNY Request for Proposals (“RFP”) to open new charter schools. The May 2010 amendments to the Charter Schools Act of 1998 require New York’s charter authorizers to accept applications to establish new charter schools by way of a Request for Proposals process. The statute mandates that SUNY issue a draft RFP for public comments prior to issuing the RFP.

The Institute welcomes your comments and encourages you to share the draft document broadly and/or to post the electronic version on your website. The Institute will accept comments via email to: [email protected] and via mail to: SUNY Charter Schools Institute, 41 State Street, Suite 700, Albany, New York 12207, through 5 p.m. on January 28, 2016.

As per the statute, the Institute will review any written comments received by the deadline and consider the comments in finalizing the RFP. The Institute anticipates releasing the final January 2016 RFP and a summary of the comments and the Institute’s corresponding responses on February 11, 2016.



Letters of Intent Received by the Institute

The Public List of the Letters of Intent submitted in response to the December Cycle of the 2015 SUNY Request for Proposals is now available.

Grant Opportunity for Innovation in Assessment

The Center for Innovation in Education and NGLC invite applications to the Assessment for Learning Project. The grants will support educators to fundamentally rethink the core role(s) that assessment can play to support student attainment of deeper learning. Nearly $2 million is available for 12-15 grants. Applications are due December 10, 2015.


Final Public List for July 2015 Cycle

The final Public List for the July 2015 Request for Proposals Cycle is now available.

SUNY Trustees Renew One Charter School, Approve Two Applications for New Charter Schools

Upon recommendation of the SUNY Charter Schools Institute, the SUNY Board of Trustees’ Charter Schools Committee (the “Committee”), acting on behalf of the full SUNY Board of Trustees, today approved a resolution to renew a SUNY authorized charter school located in Buffalo, New York.  The Committee also approved two resolutions to approve two applications for new charter schools, both located in New York City—in the Bronx and Manhattan.

To view the press release click here.

Overview of SUNY Charter School Performance on 2015 New York State Tests

In August, the New York State Education Department released the results of the 2015 English language arts (“ELA”) and mathematics New York State tests for all public schools. These results indicate that 90% of SUNY authorized charter schools outperformed their district of location on the mathematics assessment and 73% outperformed their district on the ELA assessment. 76% of the students in these schools are economically disadvantaged.

For additional highlights of the performance of SUNY authorized charter schools on the 2015 New York State assessments, please click here.

Announcing the 2015-16 State Stimulus Fund Grant Request for Proposals

The SUNY Charter Schools Institute, acting on behalf of the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York, is pleased to announce that it will accept applications for New York State Charter Schools Stimulus Fund (“SSF”) grants in support of charter school facility projects with bonus points available for performing arts programs/projects.

Schools authorized by SUNY, the Chancellor of the New York City School District, the Board of Regents/New York State Education Department and the Buffalo Board of Education are all potentially qualified schools under this Request for Proposals.

Pursuant to a 2015-16 State budget appropriation, SUNY has $3.1 million in SSF funding available to award to eligible charter school applicants regardless of authorizer.

More information on how to apply is available here

Proposals Submitted in Response to the July Cycle of the 2015 RFP

The State University of New York Board of Trustees (“SUNY Trustees”), in its capacity as a charter authorizer, has received proposals in response to the 2015 SUNY Request for Proposals. The deadline for this round of applications was July 29, 2015.  The Public List indicates only receipt of a proposal. Inclusion in the list does not indicate that the SUNY Trustees have approved or will approve the proposed new school.

All information listed was reported by applicants at the time of submission, has not been analyzed by the Institute,  and is subject to change based on further information.

Click here to view the Public List

Letters of Intent Received by the Institute

The Public List of the Letters of Intent submitted in response to the 2015 SUNY Request for Proposals is now available.