School Spotlight: NYC Autism Charter Schools Hosts Annual Piano Recital

On Friday, December 8th, the Institute was fortunate enough to attend the NYC Autism Charter Schools‘ annual piano recital. It was such a heartwarming afternoon, watching more than 30 young students of all ages perform to a cheering crowd of parents, caregivers, extended family, educators, and staff. The joyful smile on the face of each student. The beaming and proudful parents. So many hugs and tears. We are appreciative of the invitation and offer a big round of applause to the students as well as to Executive Director Julie Fisher, Head of School Rebecca Bachan, piano teacher Eileen Buck, and all the staff at NYC Autism.

“This is a magical day celebrating all our kids have learned in their piano classes…and it is a testament to all the things a child with autism can accomplish with the right opportunities and supports.” – Julie Fisher